Wednesday, January 26, 2005

going with the flow

Last fall, I began keeping a photo journal. All it was was a folder on my computer for each week, in which I had a picture for each day. I had lots of fun with it at first and was pretty good about it for a couple of months, but it got boring. There was just no good way to really look at the pictures again. So they just sat there, in their little weekly folders. And I told myself, in 2005, I will try again. So this blog is my second attempt at a photo journal. Right now, I have no idea what I will really do with this. I will just go with the flow, post pictures when I have some that I like, write when I have something to say and see where this takes me.


Jason said...

Very nice pictures, thanks for sharing them. I look forward to seeing more.

veach st. glines said...

I'm looking forward to seeing/reading more. Don't really know why I'm posting a comment on your site, other than you selected the same start blooger-template as I did (many months have morphed '565' into what you see at snapperhead today) and, that I visited your city twice about a decade ago and always wondered if it was constantly dreary (the city gestault not just the weather) or was it just the two times I visited.