Friday, January 28, 2005

Red Light, Green Light

I took this picture when I was home in the DC area for Christmas. It's kind of blurry, but I still love it, maybe especiallly because of its blurriness. When I got out my camera for the picture, the lights were all red. But now I think the green lights are so much more fitting.

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Wendy said...

Hi Catharina,
I love taking pictures too. My husband compares it to his love for cooking (which I don't share) as having a feel and love and constant thought for composition and light in a photograph where he has a feel for flavour and techniques of blending and accentuating them.

I'm not sure if I can post pictures in the comment section as I'm new to teh world of blogs... but I might try on my blog some time later.

I like the subjects of your pictures.
Happy Friday.