Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Rats, I've Done It Again

I can't believe this. I was playing around with the template, seeing what a different one would look like, but little did I know that this would mean that my HaloScan commenting would be gone. And, therefore, once again, all of my comments are gone, too. AGAIN. Argh. Seriously, I am pissed. I just keep telling myself that I have no idea what I am doing here, that this is a learning process for me, that mistakes happen, that I should just be glad that I haven't deleted the entire blog. But why the comments? Again? I am definitely not going to mess with those anymore. But now tell me, if I just keep the regular Blogger commenting (which I definitely will), would any comments be deleted if I were to change the template again? I'm thinking no, right?

So everyone, please post some new comments. Please? Cheer me up a little.

(Hey Mom, did you see the title? I added the "rats", just for you.)


Laura said...

HI CATHI, I got a blog just so I can check up on you and comment on your loser life. ): Kidding.

That sucks that your comments keep being deleted but serves you right FOR TRYING NEW THINGS. Haha. I'll be quiet. :D

Um, .. I wanted to say something to an earlier post so I'll just comment here and you can just pretend it's over there. OH YEA, THE YOGURT POST, omg that made me almost wet myself. LOL. Maybe you should read the label before buying things.

I'll let you be, hope to read about your life sometime soon.

<33 Your sister, Laura. <33

Merisi's Vienna For Beginners said...

Well, kiddo, how many nanoseconds do you think it took me to realize, "Rats, I ruined my kids' life with *that* book!"?

Fox's mom was not
a good cook.
"Rats!" said Mom.
"I've done it again!"
"Never fear,
Fox is here,"
said Fox.
"I will cook dinner."

"Oh, goody!" said Mom.
"Uh-oh," said Louise.
"I must be left alone,"
said Fox.

"Come, Louise," said Mom.
Mom and Louise sat down.
They waited a long time.
They heard terrible noises.

- to be continued -


This one's for you:

larrykim said...

i can't believe you did it again. all my witty comments... just gone... okay, maybe they weren't very witty, but they are still gone... and now i will never be able to read them again...

well, except i kept a copy of all my comments for something like this, which i will post again, because i am all about recycling...