Saturday, May 07, 2005

Almost Photos

I went to the "Naschmarkt" today, which is this great, really big farmer's market in Vienna with so many people selling fresh fruits and vegetables, all kinds of spices, breads, fresh cut flowers and so on. You can find everything there. And a huge flea market on Saturdays. I was planning on buying the ingredients for tomorrow's lunch and then taking some pictures. But, alas, by the time my shopping was done, my ATM card was lost/stolen, it began to rain and the bags I was lugging around were darn heavy. I am usually not such a quitter, but at that point I just didn't feel like dealing with it all, so I went home. Naschmarkt photos another day, ok?

1 comment:

Merisi said...

You poor baby, I feel so sorry for you!
Big hug,
Really love your pics (and the girls before and behind the camera)