Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Must. Keep. Writing.

I am on page 6 of a 15-page paper I need to write. My plan was to finish today, but that's not gonna happen. So, who thinks I can still make it to page 10? Anyone???

PS: I hate, HATE writing papers. I love to write, and filling up 15 pages technically is not a problem. But I absolutely despise having to include sources and worrying about quoting correctly and not plagiarizing and blahblah, boring. I like the research, I like the writing, I just do not like combining the two on paper. Blech.

UPDATE: I failed miserably. I did not write another word yesterday. It is now 3pm the next day and I have just reached page 10. But I am getting there...

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Rude Cactus said...

Good luck. To write, is great. But to be forced to write? Not so much.