Saturday, November 26, 2005

Thanksgiving in Vienna

This was my family's first Thanksgiving in Vienna and not in DC. Usually, Thanksgiving included only us six family members. But this year, we invited a bunch of people who went to my high school and currently also live in Vienna, as you can see below.

The table was set, the food was ready, and our stomaches were empty.

Time to dig in...

Here's what my (absolutely divine) Mom cooked up for us all: turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans, sweet potatoes (which were forgotten and sadly never eaten), rice and salad.
PLUS (because all that food wasn't enough and my Mom is a bit nuts, but in a good way), seven desserts:

Citrus pie, caramel-pumpkin flan, pumpkin pie (made by Cat and Anna), chocolate-poppy pie, pecan pie, mousse au chocolat with berry sauce and two apple pies.

Afterwards, we all had a bit of trouble moving.

Noone got up for the rest of the evening until it was time to go home.

And here is the partial reason for our immoblitiy: The turkey before...

... and after.

Thanksgiving was very different this year. Many family traditions were not continued: No buying four kinds of ice cream with Dad because we kids could never agree on just one kind, no fire in the fireplace, no fresh cranberries, no Thanksgiving journal (don't ask). But I think that everyone had a great time and I loved being surrounded by so many people that I have known for so long. Proving once again, that change can be a good thing.

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Prosper said...

Hey Cathy,
That was a lot of fun! thanks again for inviting us and tell your mom that the food was the best! Take care lets talk soon!