Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Thanksgiving - Take Two

Since one Thanksgiving simply isn't enough, and since I've been promising my Austrian friends a Thanksgiving for years, I decided to have a go at cooking Thanksgiving dinner myself. I spent all of Saturday night and most of Sunday in the kitchen, and with some help from my roommates and a few phone calls to Mom (who answered the phone with "Turkey Hotline!" all day), the food was on the table at 3pm. And it was edible!

See all that food? I cooked it. Just wanted to make that clear.

Me, "carving" my very first turkey. (More like chopping off some meat any which way I could.)

Anna-Theresa, Susi, Christine, Maguu, Daniel and Ella.

Just goes to show that you can take the girl out of America, but you can't take America out of the girl :)

To all my DC friends (especially TCBA): I so wish you could have been here. Miss you all!


Anonymous said...

hey ma:) haha, thats what this black hot guy in indiana used to call me...his name was joe...joe black:) anyways cathi dude..i am sooo jealous of all that food and sad not to have been there!!!! leider leider sagt der schneider!! miss ya and the rest! say hi to your family and everyone else...BIG HUG

Anise Strar, Vienna Turkey Hotline said...

Dear Graduate,

we are very proud of
our accomplishment.

However, not only your good looking bird, but especially your cranberry sauce beats any we have seen so far by a Thanksgiving novice. Have you ever thought of studying for a degree in the Culinary Arts?

We are sure you have a bright future ahead of you in any field you choose.

Continue the good work,

sincerely yours,

Anise Star
The Vienna Turkey Hotline
(A Subsidiary of the Greater Potomac Branch)