Thursday, December 22, 2005

Confessions of a Christmas Shopper

1) I would totally wear clothes from the H & M children's department if they had them in my size. Kids today are much too cool. Way cooler than I am.

2) The person I envied most all day while out in the shopping chaos was the woman with the little cart on two wheels that she put all her purchases in. Smart lady. My arms almost fell off from carrying all the stuff.

3) I almost stole a magazine. Hey, I thought it was free. Aren't those music magazines by the CDs always free? No? Oh.

4) Just wondering why, once again, I did not manage to buy presents earlier. It just never works. Will I ever learn?

5) Make a list. Check it twice. Because if you get home and realize you've forgotten a gift for someone, it just isn't nice.

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