Thursday, November 16, 2006

San Sebastian and the Spanish Coast

But first, a confession: I did a terrible job at documenting my trip to these lovely places via pictures. I was too caught up in enjoying my time with my friend and taking a million random photographs of the two of us, completely neglecting the scenery around us. So here are some quite unspectatcular photos of my spectacular days in northern Spain:


This quaint Spanish town was the actual destination of my trip. Located right by the ocean, it was a great place to enjoy some of the last semi-warm days this fall.

Notice the mountain to the right which has a giant statue of Jesus at the summit. At night it felt odd to turn around and find a giant, glowing Jesus floating above you in the night sky.

This is the Plaza de Constitucion, which I, unfortunately, only saw at night. This place used to host bull fights and if you look up you can see individual rooms that are all still numbered because they used to be the seats from which the audience observed the show. It had just rained when this picture was taken and I have a video of my friends pretending to ice skate on the icy-looking plaza.

After passing the Plaza de Constitucion one enters San Sebastian Old Town, which now has tons of bars and great places to eat tappas or, as the Basque population there call them, pintxos. I cannot even begin to explain how good they are. The perfect way to start out a long night of going out or enjoy an afternoon snack.

One of our favorite wine bars was "A Fuego Negro", complete with chalkboard walls in the bathrooms.


Since San Sebastian is only about 15 minutes from the French boarder by car, we decided to take an afternoon trip to the Basque town of St. Juan de Luz, very idyllic small French town by the sea.

(Thanks to Anna-Theresa for taking the picture of the pintxos, as well as the first two France pictures. I told you I did a terrible job. Well, at least I thought of taking pictures in the bathroom at the bar. Sheesh.)


On Sunday we got into the car and headed towards the road that leads along the coast and had no specific destination in mind. We simply drove and enjoyed the views despite the not-so-great weather and stopped for photos, pintxos or coffee by the sea whenever our hearts desired.

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Prosper said...

Hey Cathy, Really cool pictures looks like you had a great time in spain? Well i will see you on thursday i guess lots of warm greets yours Prosper