Sunday, January 28, 2007


I have two exams in Salzburg tomorrow and no time for anything today. A blurry picture of a sheep candle is all I have to offer, please forgive me.


Merisi's Vienna For Beginners said...

Great shot! :-)

Bahbah candle sheep,
have you any wool?

Good luck, kiddo,

Catharina said...

Thanks :)

Andrea said...

Wow, so many new posts and photos, great!

Happy Birthday to you and good luck for your exams. I'm sure you do your best.

Keep posting! :-)
Greez, Andrea

t.o. vienna!!!! said...

unser rechtes zimmer ist so leer,
da wünschen wir uns sofort cookatie her!
gott sei dank gibts da noch deine schuh`
die wir gebracht ham zum schuster im nu!
wir freun uns schon, wenn du bist im wiener lande
in deinem hübschen dirndlgewande.
3/4 von t.o. vienna sagen baba
tschüss mit Ü und tschau mit AU!!

p.s.: das schaf rulez!!!! MÄH!

Catharina said...

Andrea, thank you for the well wishes and I am glad that you enjoyed the pictures and posts :)

T.O. Vienna, what can I say, you're the best...and such great poets...