Saturday, April 28, 2007

Venetian Life

Libreria "Acqua Alta"
A charming book store I could have spent hours in,
whose friendly owner began chatting in German with me,
but getting mixed up when he tried to add up my purchases.
(Why do Germans have to say their numbers backwards, anyway?)
"Don't forget to take a look out back," he said.

Here he is taking the time to show a lost tourist the way,
with a huge map spread out
all over his books.

One unexpected, but very lovable, aspect of Venice
was the many Dachshunds
accompanying their owners on their daily errands.
Can you find the Dachshund in this great Venice post?

No trucks in Venice.
Everything is transported by ship,
here are some fruits and vegetables for the market.

Sun-fried green tomatoes.

Market day in Venice.
Healthy snacks in all colors of the rainbow.

Had enough of the market?

Children can be found playing soccer
in just about any back alley or open space.
This spot between the church walls
seems to be a favorite;
no windows to be shattered
by a ball gone astray.

Little dog lost.
"Too many tourists," he sighs.

And do not worry about your health.
In case of an accident
you can count on the Venetian ambulance.
As long as you don't get seasick.

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Merisi said...

"Can you find the Dachshund in this great Venice post?"
You are so wicked!!!! *chuckle*
Realized that there was a LINK only this morning. Thank you! :-)