Friday, May 11, 2007

The Green That Was Missing In My Last Post

Because, sometimes, life can be just a walk in the park.

The T├╝rkenschanzpark:
My favorite five-minute escape from reality
and what we like to call our "backyard".

What better way to spend a day?

Faster and faster,
this girl's got ambition.

"Please scoop up my poop," he asks so sweetly.
If only more would listen.

The crow wants to know: "Who's the tall guy?"

How can one not just stop for a moment
and forget about everything else?

"Keep on swimming!"
"Alright," I say.


Anonymous said...

very cool backyard! have a great weekend, dear cathi, and a big hello from giessen! judith

Sonia said...

Beautiful photos! What a wonderful backyard!