Saturday, May 12, 2007

To My Mom

Who is an inspiration to me in so many ways
who has shown me how to find beauty in every day
who taught me that all that really matters is loving the people around you
who is the world's best cook (and that's still an understatement)

Who is always waiting with open arms
who always takes the time
who survived four teenagers in one house (and loved every minute of it)
who has kind words for everyone

Who appreciates the little things in life
who is the master of the perfect cappuccino
who watched Notting Hill three times in one day with me
who passed on her love of cooking for others

Who can turn any place into home
who always knew that it wasn't us being bad, but the "evil black shadow"
who never, ever holds a grudge
who encourages us to live our dreams and reach for the stars

Who has dried a whole rain storm of tears
who is our biggest fan
who is genuinely one of a kind
who loves her family more than anything.

I know I am speaking for all four of us when I say:
We love you to the moon and back!

Happy Mother's Day, Mama.


Britt-Arnhild said...

This is the most beautiful Mother's Day blog I have seen today. Blessings to you all, and an extra hug to your mother. Though having met her only once, or twice if I count the vaporetta, I have no problems in agreeing with you in all your nice words:-)

Anonymous said...

Your writing is beautiful. And it is inspirational too. I really liked it and the photos you have used with it. Your tribute is wonderful to read and to look at.

I also think this is my first visit here and I came to thank you for your comment and visit to my blog and my wife's Time-like cover. Thank you.

Kate said...

Every mother should be so lucky as to receive a tribute such as this. It's thoughtful, heart-warming and creative. Love is such an important emotion, isn't it?

michelle said...

I am thinking that i would be so happy if my daughter of 3 yrs old would write me such a tribute one day :)

Happy mother's day to every mother!

denton said...

This is a wonderful tribute by your daughter. It is obvious you deserve all the adoration as do so many mothers.

Luc said...

questo post mi ha commosso tantissimo. che bel regalo hai fatto a tua madre !!!
pls : let Merisi translate you ...

Merisi said...

"This post has touched me deeply,
what a beautiful gift to your mother!

Yes, indeed, Luc.
A hug for both of you. :-)

Arija said...

A wonderful, wonderful daughter, mother and Mothers Day post. Isn't it wonderful to have children who are not afraid to say how much they love you?