Saturday, August 04, 2007

Rest In Peace, My Friend

My beloved Canon Powershot, which has never given me any trouble in the three years I've had it, died a sudden death this past week. It does not work at all anymore and it does not look like there is any hope for fixing it. Is it weird that I almost cried? That little camera was like a friend that came everywhere with me.

I am back from camp and enjoying not having to do anything while missing every single kid and all of my fellow counselors at the same time. I could easily have stayed longer. However, the next big thing is already on the horizon: Washington DC on Tuesday!


Merisi said...

I cry with you for that faithfull little worker, so much more reliable than my Sony Cybershot which gives me headaches once again (shadows all over).
I am sure you will find a cute little shiny friend soon. You need to have one, otherwise you will feel lost (I empathize with you, imagine I walked to the grocery store this morning and clouds were soooo pretty, and I had left my camera at home - quite irresponsible, don't you think so, too?).
I am thinking about applying to that summer camp, as a dishwasher, if must be! Too beautiful!

Anonymous said...

i feel your pain, as i have just experienced a similar loss - although not quite as dramatic. after 3 years of having my perfect little camera, the little plastic piece that keeps the battery in place just broke off from constant wear. now i have to tape it in and hold it down at times, and its just not the same :(
i sooo cant wait to see you in dc THIS weekend!!!! have a safe trip!!
<3 b.