Wednesday, October 03, 2007

DC Days: Library of Congress

This post is for my Mom,
for whom the Library of Congress was like a second home
while we lived in DC.

I think these guys have had enough.
All touristed out.


Merisi said...

My book cathedral,
my home away from home.
I am touched. Thank you. :-)

Amanda said...

Delurking to say your pictures are beautiful!

zoot said...

Great pictures!

radiogirl said...

Wow, I've never been to the LoC but I've always had it on a pedestal in my head, and now I see it deserves that pedestal. I think a trip to DC must be in order soon.

Catharina said...

Mom: You're welcome :)
Amanda: Thank you very much for delurking and for the compliment!!!
Zoot: It's so nice to have you stop by! And thanks!
radiogirl: You are right, the LoC is definitely worthy of a pedestal. You are not too far from DC, I would definitely say a trip is in order :)