Thursday, October 25, 2007

Vienna Weekend

Once upon a time,
at the beginning of October:

Guess who found Nemo!

At the "Haus des Meeres",
and I swear, they were even cuter than in the movie.
(We saw Dori, too.)

The outside of the Haus des Meeres:
An old flak tower, a remainder of WWII,
now a climbing wall.
(How I wish we would have had the
time and energy for this!)

Saturday, October 6th:
"Lange Nacht der Museen"
(The long night of museums,
pay 12 Euros and visit museums to you heart's content until 1 am!)
First stop: The chocolate museum!
With free samples!!
(I got two!!!)

Second stop: Albertina
for some Picasso, Monet, Klimt, Rothko
and many more.
(And a much-needed break beneath a ghostly horse.)

With a view of the Vienna State Opera

Third stop:
Museum for Austrian Theatre,
beautifully done,
but alas, no photos here.
(Sorry, I was tired.)

The State Hall of the
Austrian National Library.
And what a sight to see!

We spent the last fifteen minutes to 1 am
at the Papyrus Exhibition
in the Imperial Palace,
but no pictures from there either,
sorry for being a tease!
(There was even a real Mummy!)
And then we took a cab home
and collapsed into bed.

Fun at the City Hall Park
with a game of tag among siblings.

A quick stop to smell the roses
at the Volksgarten
(my favorite).

And a look back on the Heldenplatz
and City Hall.

Weekends should always be like this.


Tori said...

Looks like a perfect weekend indeed.

radiogirl said...

What a fantastic weekend.

That climbing wall is amazing... if we had one of those... well... I'm not sure our health insurance would cover us, but we'd have a lot of fun.

And a night at museums... what a fantastic idea.

Catharina said...

tori: It was! :)

radiogirl: I love that climbing wall, too! I just discovered climbing for myself this spring and reaching the top of that wall is definitely something I want to achive some day :)