Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Someone did not get the memo about it now being spring

The weather for the past week or so has been completely nuts: It's spring! Leave that coat at home! No, it's winter! Here is some snow! Cold, cold, cold! Warm, warm, warm! Oh, how about some rain? More sunshine! More snow! And all this within a single day.

Today started out warm and sunny. Then it snowed. Then the sun came out, then it snowed. Then sun. Now? It is snowing again. AND there is a thunderstorm going on. What is wrong with this weather? Did someone forget to mention that spring began 4 days ago?

This is the view out my windows five minutes ago:

Maybe I should consider live-blogging the weather...


Vienna for Beginners said...

Live-blogging! Now that would be an idea, but you would need to put a disclaimer there that weather conditions a city block away are not necessarily the same.

Alison said...

Wow... I'm actually a bit jealous. See, it was gorgeous here today -- 72 degrees F -- but I never felt like I really got one good winter's day in, and I didn't get enough snuggling/hot cocoa/ nesting in this winter, so I am a bit miffed.

We are having crazy temps, though, too. Two days ago, it was below freezing; today, I was in short sleeves.

radiogirl said...

Whoops. That last comment was me, signed into the wrong Gmail account.

Ann (MobayDP) said...


Hope this weather business sorts itself out soon catharina.