Saturday, May 10, 2008

Blue, Green, Pink

Palm House and Peonies
at Schloss Schönbrunn
Vienna in May


Maalie said...

That glass-house is not unlike those in our Botanical Gardens at Kew, London. Botanical gardens have a huge role to play on the conservation of seed-banks and of endangered plant species.

Maalie said...

Sorry, I meant to say also that I think the sixth photo (second one up from bottom) is stunning the way you have captured the pink flower with the end of the palm house as a back-drop, all in focus. Technically and artistically, superb! Well done!

Merisi said...

I am trying to picture you all bent over to capture those peonies and the palm house together! Beautiful images.

Tori said...

The last three are wonderful. Love the contrast in the beautiful pink and Palm House with it's windows reflecting the blue from the sky.

Ann (MobayDP) said...

so pretty.

Catharina said...

maalie: You have to admit that I haven't actually been inside the palm house. Shh...don't tell anyone. And thank you very much! :-) It was actually a lucky shot, as I stopped for half a second to take the picture, while actually running after my 5- and 3-year-old cousins!

Merisi: See above reply. Lucky shot :)

tori: Thank you so much!

ann: Isn't it? I just love flowers and spring!!

Merisi said...

I had to come back, the third one from the bottom up is the most beautiful peony picture ever! Astonishing detail, form, and colour.