Thursday, September 25, 2008


My boyfriend and I spent the last two weeks in Great Britain. We started off in Scotland, visiting friends in the beautiful city of Edinburgh, with day trips to Glasgow and the Highlands. We then headed to York and London. It was an amazing trip and we couldn't believe how lucky we were with the weather.

The "Royal Mile"

View from Edinburgh Castle

The National Gallery

I am embarrassed to say
that I have forgotten what this lovely park is called.
It sure is beautiful, though.

View of Waverley train station
and Arthur's seat in the background.

Edinburgh as seen from Carlton Hill.

Carlton Hill

Holyrood House,
where the Queen stays when she comes to visit,
right at the edge of Edinburgh.


Janet and Lenore said...

the lovely park you have forgotten the name of is Princes St Gardens. You have taken a great view that shows the lovely building of the Balmoral Castle. You can look the other way and get a dramatic image of the Castle.
Glad you enjoyed Edinburgh

Catharina said...

Thank you for the information :-)

radiogirl said...

Wonderful! I loved Scotland and have long wished I could go back. Slowly working on getting my international traveling self back. But at least I've been covering the U.S. in the meantime.

Catharina said...

radiogirl: I fell in love with Scotland, too! We had such an amazing time there.