Thursday, November 20, 2008

On A Rainy Afternoon in London

Kitchen & Pantry
Notting Hill, London
Where I drank coffee and he drank tea,
and we sat for hours,
reading magazines and talking.
Favorite touch:
A giant bouquet of lillies in the bathroom.
All-natural air freshener!
Why didn't I take any pictures of the cozy interior?
Too busy enjoying.


Maalie said...

>we sat for hours,
reading magazines and talking.

Ah, make the most of these precious moments! A lovely way to spend part of your holiday!

Referring to your Knaresborough post, just imagine how an Englishman feels trying to ask directions to Schwarzenbergplatzgasse! :-)

Catharina said...

Maalie: I enjoyed every minute in that cafe. And yes, I can imagine that is not an easy address to pronounce; for whatever reason, the Viennese love impossibly long street names. :-)