Monday, November 10, 2008

Scottish Humor and Refined Taste

A joke, or the voice of experience?

This, my friends, is a fried Bounty bar.

And no, it was not enough that it is a candy bar.

And it is fried.

Ice cream is necessary, too!
I also tasted a fried Mars bar.
I have to say, both are excellent.
Who would have thought?
Cafe Piccante
Edinburgh, Scotland
Random fact of the day:
The owner of this cafe also happens to be the world's fastest chips wrapper.
Now you know.


Catharina said...

Blogger is messing with me and won't let me space the lines the way I want to. Argh.

Anonymous said...

jamie and i went to the fair the other day and had a deep friend twinkie...not really my style, but by the time we discovered the deep fried cookie dough i already had had my fill on sweets (you know me..) come to the fair with us next year so we can all be gluttenous!!! :-) i love you!

Anonymous said...

oh, and who would have thought?! anyone in their right mind would know that fried anything is yuuumbalishhh!!!! :-)

Merisi said...

Now, Catharina,
there's a challenge:
Deep fried coopie dough!

Merisi said...

Oh dear, not coopie (cow pie??),
cookie dough, I meant.
Wouldn't that be a nice new Thanksgiving tradition, way easier than fried turkey! :-)

bianca said...

i'll come for thanksgiving if either of you will be serving deep fried cookie dough!!!!! :-)