Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Try Pronouncing This Correctly

We spent a day in
wich is a sweet little town
near York.

Here we enjoyed
a picnic lunch with a beautiful view.

We stopped by
the King's Tower.

And then ended up on a long, unplanned walk.

But not regretting it one bit.

And with a strawberry and cream scone
at the end,
why would we?

Knaresborough, England
September, 2008


Maalie said...

Oh, such a wonderful picture of the bridge over the River Nidd! And the others too. I love the Knaresborough area, what a delightful place for your walk.

And those cream scones - so typically English, isn't it!

Merisi said...

Great pictures of a lovely place!
Pronouncing Knaresborough? How about "Uh-bruh"? *hehe*

Word verification: Tracksty.
Yep, right. Very tracky, you question! :-)

Catharina said...

Maalie: Luckily, the friend we were staying with took us here, we would have never even known about it. And those scones were delightful :-)

Merisi: It was pronounced something like "Naahrsbreh". At least thats what it sounded like to us. I couldn't believe it when I actually saw it written out at the train station.