Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Red

Chocolate Manufacturer

This makes me want to sit by a cozy fire and sip hot tea.

Mini baked Krampus.

Advent calendar/Christmas tree combo.

Wait, something about this pair is a bit off...

Christmas breakfast?

Tiny Christmas soaps.

Ingenious: Warm blankets to go with your coffee.

I might eat them instead of wearing them.

Don't you just want to jump in there and join them?

Getreidegasse, Griesgasse, Linzergasse, Goldgasse
December 2008


Merisi said...

these are beautiful images!
Those little Kramperl wanna be hugged,
so sweet. :-)

Merisi said...

I ventured to that little Christmas village they built around the Maria Theresa monument, to get some more of that yammy dark chocolate with whisky which I had bought as a Christmas gift last week and then polished off myself (note to myself: Bad girl!). Turns out that I had bought it at the Braun's of Salzburg market stall ("Der SchokoLaden")!
Small world, isn't it?

Catharina said...

"Der SchokoLaden" - love the name! Whicky chocolate? Interesting.

Catharina said...

Oops, that was supposed to say whiSky chocolate...

Mrs.French said...

I love this post and all your reds..xo t

Maalie said...

This lovely post has really put me in the 'Christmas spirit'!

Catharina said...

Mrs. French: Thank you! I absolutely love all the reds around Christmas time.

Maalie: I'm glad! :-)

Celestial Charms said...

Oh dear! Those gingerbread earrings are adorable. Lovely photos on your blog.

Catharina said...

Celestial Charms: I also love those earrings. Thank you for stopping by!