Saturday, January 17, 2009


Cute spoons!

A gift from my friend
Anna in Berlin.

A good excuse to drink coffee, eat cookies, and take pictures.


Kelly said...

Oh thank you for your comments on my photos (and the info for finding that font on your header) this morning! I love the feedback!

Merisi said...

Oh, Catharina,
you actually own these spoons and the cup and the saucer and the plate?
The spoons, so whimsical, the cup so elegant, I could almost become envious! :-)

Catharina said...

Kelly, you are very welcome!

Merisi: Well, I own the spoons. The dishes are part of a whole set of Lilienporzelan we gave our roommate as a graduation present. Lucky for us, we get to use it for as long as we still live together :-) The cookies were mine, though. (With emphasis in were...)

Lauren K said...

So cute! Great find!

Catharina said...

Lauren K: Thank you! Lucky me, I got the spoons as a gift :-)