Saturday, February 28, 2009


My boyfriend and I attended a
Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra concert
with Martin Grubinger on percussions.
Believe me when I tell you that he is amazing.
Truly amazing.
If you have the chance of seeing him perform, go!

Musikverein, Vienna
February 20th, 2009

(Sorry about the poor picture quality,
my little point-and-shoot and I
can't handle the low light.)


lea said...

i think the quality looks good, wouldn't know they were taken with a compact digital if you hadn't said so : ) and a beautiful room. those chandeliers are impressive! looks to have been a good experience

Catharina said...

lea: Good to know that the quality looks alright after all. This was in the golden concert hall, where the famous Viennese New Year's concert is played each year. It really is lovely.

Lanna said...

Wow, this brings back the memories. Such a beautiful concert hall! And your photos look wonderful. The only ones I have were always taken from the standing room section, so it's nice to see some closer and crisper.


Catharina said...

Lanna: I love this concert hall, too. We are lucky in that we sometimes get tickets from my boyfriend's relatives (who have some sort of subscription) and the seats are usually great! His Grandma and her sister are busy, busy and sometimes they've got tickets for the Opera and a concert on the same night...and that's when we luck out :-)