Thursday, February 05, 2009


I've been cooped up inside all week
with more to do than there is time for.
It was definitely time to get out,
so I went for a quick walk around the neighborhood.

Today in Vienna


lea said...

must have been great to finally get outside! i like this series, especially the first three photos. vienna is such a nice city. i went there about a year ago in the spring and there were red flowers blooming on the trees everywhere.

Pearls and Peonies said...

It's so nice to get some fresh air after being stuck inside. The views from this walk look so peaceful and serene. Lovely! :)

Maalie said...

I wonder if you can make wine from those berries?

The clothes peg look intriguing. I wonder where the laundry has gone?

The ivy appears to have a fresh green shoot. Has spring arrived at last?

Merisi said...

That red clothespin all alone out in the bush: I wonder if it simply decides to hang on that bare branch for dear life, after a long night out carousing in the Bermuda Triangle. ;-)

paintandink said...

Great photos! The first pic has incredible depth. And I too love the red clothespin :)

Catharina said...

lea: It was SO great to get outside! I'm glad you liked Vienna...I am really looking forward to spring and the flowers you mentioned :)

Pearls and Peonies: It was a really calm walk. Not too many people out and about when it is so cold.

Maalie: I don't think that wine would be too tasty. The berries were pretty to look at, but I think that's it. I still wonder where that clothes peg came from, I walk past it all the time. And the ivy was just a's been snowing all week!

Merisi: That is a good theory! I wonder...

paintandink: Thank you! And that is one popular clothespin! Maybe I should make a series out if...the clothespin in winter, spring, summer, fall. Let's see how long it decides to hang around.