Saturday, February 14, 2009

Study Seclusion

In an attempt to get both of our theses written sometime 
before the next decade,
my boyfriend and I are fleeing the distractions 
and heading for a small apartment in the middle of nowhere 
for a few days.
I've got a some posts prepared, 
so as to prevent yet another disappearing act.

Have a great weekend!


Pearls and Peonies said...

Good luck with your theses! :)

paintandink said...

Best of luck with the writing.

I'm sure you've said before, but what is the subject of your thesis?

Catharina said...

Pearls and Peonies: Thanks so much! We got a lot of work done there, so that's good.

paintandink: Thank you, too! I am writing about the functions group membership can have...specifically for people who are experiencing a loss of control in their life. I had soccer fans fill out questionnaires during the European Soccer Championships and the main hypothesis is that people feeling a lack of control (we manipulated that) would be more likely to support and identify with their national team. Does that make sense?