Monday, February 16, 2009

The World of A Six-Year-Old

On a walk with my godchild,
I granted her full picture-taking power
and, boy, did she enjoy it.

Her school.

"I'll take a picture of all these pretty things!"

"So you can look at these pictures and remember what it's like here."

I love this one. 
I have no neck and her face is a flash.

She loved signs.
I think I now have pictures of just about all the signs we passed.

"This is SO cool!"

My favorite.
Can you spy the reflection of my little guest photographer?

I guess no one can resist snapping a picture of flowers.

She was leaning over a fence to take this picture,
and I wish I could have taken a picture
of her taking this picture.


Her little brother's favorite picture.

Then we entered the grocery store
and it was completely useless trying to talk to her.

Her favorite vegetables.

Signs of spring.

Wishful thinking on her part.

Her whole point of this picture was that little bear.
But I love the colors.

This is the one she was most proud of.
"I took a picture of my FOOT!"


lea said...

great post. really fun to see the world through the eyes of a six year old : )

Pearls and Peonies said...

Awww, so cute! I think kids really love taking pictures, I know I did. I love the first picture of her school, it is so charming! I wish I could have gone to school there! :)

Catharina said...

lea: Thank you! I had so much fun watching her have fun with the camera. I think we'll have a traditional photo walk each time I visit her form now on.

Pearls and Peonies: Yes, it is a very charming school. It's the public elementary school in her small town. Lucky her! But her favorite part is walking to and from school by herself. She and her friends have lots of "secret" ways to get there (which all talk at least twice as long...).