Monday, April 20, 2009

In Love

Evening reflections,

musicians who sing about the crowds passing by,

the perfect dinner with perfect friends,

as well as a perfect view,

a little bit of chaos,

many treats and treasures,

things to discover,

delight around every corner,

coffee in the sun.

What more could I possibly need?


Florence, Italy
April 2009


lea said...

florence is such a nice city - your photos make me want to go back soon. it has been a couple of years since i visited last. hope you enjoyed your stay - looks like it judging from the photos!

Julie said...

omg i love italy. it pains me how much i want to go back. :) glad you had a great time!!

Merisi said...

No, I am not envious.
Definitely not.
A little.
so glad you had a wonderful time!
Beautiful memories captured perfectly.

hexe said...

A wonderful city and so beautifully photographed!

cil said...


Catharina said...

lea: I love Florence more and more with each visit. It has so much to offer!

Julie: I hope you can go back soon!

Merisi: Thank you :-)

Cil: Mille grazie!