Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Life Is Good

My thesis is done!
All that's left to do is study for my final exam
which will be the end of June.

And then:
Lucky me, the summer is going to be amazing.
The newest highlight added to my summer itinerary?
A trip to Vietnam and Cambodia!

Is it summer yet?


Maalie said...

Wow! What an exciting life you have! Congratulations on the thesis, and all the best for the final exam. So off to the Far East, eh? Is this a study venture or purely recreation?

I like your new summery banner :-)

Catharina said...

Maalie: Thank you!! And I am glad you like the banner. This trip will be three weeks of pure recreation with one of my roommates. I can't wait!

Kurwenal said...

Popping over from Merisi's log, and delighted to find another member of the clan with a superb eye for pictures and wit-filled story-lines!

Congratulations on the work. Will you be sending updates from Vietnam? I expect to see new coffee cups and views.

hexe said...

Congrats on finishing the thesis. A little bird said you did quite well!

Catharina said...

Kurwenal: I'm glad you decided to click your way over here. Thanks for the congratulations. I will definitely try to send updates from Vietnam, although I do tend to disappear from this blog when I'm on vacation. But the Vietnam pictures will definitely be posted sooner or later. I can't wait!

hexe: Thank you so much! Wow, that little bird sure does like spreading the word :-) I'm just glad it's done.