Thursday, May 28, 2009


Not many words today.
I am at my favorite lake,
it is cold and windy,
and I am still daydreaming about the market.


Merisi said...

Simply beautiful,
poetry in pictures! :-)

The sun is out here in Vienna,
I hope that she comes to your lake too!


jane said...

maybe simple, but absolutely gorgeous!:)

Kurwenal said...

I love that last crystal clear but ambiguous pic of the coffee cup. Half shade, half stay longer or to finish?
So simple, yet so much!

Catharina said...

Merisi: Thank you! The sun didn't come back while we were still at the lake, but we didn't mind since we had to study anyway.

Jane: Thank you so much!

Kurwenal: I really loved that coffee cup just sitting there. I'm glad you liked it, too :-)