Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Easing Back Into This

Tell me, how does this blogging thing work again? I've been gone too long, my friends! But I have to say, I've had a lovely couple of weeks. I think I will go backwards and gradually share some of my summer pictures with you. Here I was enjoying some afternoon coffee and a chat on my friend's lovely new balcony. I'll be back there soon, I can tell you that!


Kurwenal said...

A pleasant place to chat, high up in the evening sun.

Welcome back!. I hope the adventure overseas will be revealed in new pictures.

Merisi said...

Welcome back, stranger!
Cant' wait to see more ..... :-))))

Catharina said...

Kurwenal: It really is lovely up there. And the adventure overseas is yet to come, I am leaving for Vietnam on Tuesday!

Merisi: I'm glad to be back...even if it's not for long.