Saturday, February 06, 2010

And So It Snows

It snowed yesterday.

It snowed last night.

And it snowed some more today.

They called it Snowmageddon.

It was the perfect excuse to head out on skis,

to play tackle football infront of the Washington Monument,

and for a giant snowball fight
on the National Mall.

Some went for a stroll down Constitution Avenue,

while others stuck to skis and snowshoes.

Either way,
the wintry views were lovely.

And to top it all off:
Sledding by the Capitol.

They don't call it The Hill for nothing.


Merisi said...

Oh, you are so brave!
Did you walk all over town?
Seeing "The Hill" makes me very nostalgic (even though I don't miss politics there!).
Did you get yourself one of those little plastic sleds?

Badger said...

Nice pics. You have your mother's talent for photography.

Meg and Bam said...

Wow, that looks incredible!