Monday, September 05, 2011

Mondays in Paris

Sometimes, Mondays make me want to
hop on a bike and drive off into the distance.

Sometimes all you want to do,
is fly away to foreign places.

And since I still have lots of Paris memories to share,
I've decided to take you here ...

on Mondays.

So come away with me,

close your eyes and relax for a moment,

treat yourself to your favorites,

and let your thoughts take you on a quick journey to this magical city
that is Paris.

Have a lovely Monday
and a great start to the new week!


Rue Saint-Antoine
Arc de Triomphe
View of Notre Dame from the Seine
Boutique Les Touristes
Paris Metro
Champs de Mars
Music by the Seine
A quick espresso
Café Coquelicot in Montmarte
Parc de Bercy

Click on each picture 
to continue today's Paris journey.


Anonymous said...

Thank you !
I bet my week will be better from now on ... !
Nice post and well-illustrated !!!

Merisi said...

Ah, I feel better about Mondays already!

That pistachio macaron with strawberries looks gorgeous. Love the bird in flight!