Sunday, February 27, 2005

And back.

In order to get to where we were going, I had to get my car that is in a garage in a town outside of Vienna. And once we got there, we saw one thing: snow. Lots of it. As in a foot. Especially between the gate and the garage. Sigh. You can see me running to go and get the snow shovels from the garage. My sister and boyfriend were just like "Dude, we are so waiting here."

One and a half hours later.

And we're off! Finally. (No hidden advertisement intended.)

We ate, we chatted, we took pictures of my Grandmother's cute dog. We slept in a very cold house which lead my boyfriend to wear my pink hat to bed. We got up, we hung out with relatives, caught up, reminisced about the old times, some I hadn't seen in so long that they almost didn't recognize me. Oh, and somewhere in there a woman backed into our car in the McDonald's parking lot. That was fun.

And here is a picture taken by my two-year-old guest photographer. I think she captured us quite well.

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