Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Somebody Stop Me

I have a ton of cookie dough in my fridge. So much that I do not consider it possible for us to eat it all before I go home on March 18th (yay, home!!!) and bring back some more. So I keep making a whole bunch at once, thinking that somebody will surely eat them and while I am making others happy with a delicious cookie or two, I am also using up the cookie dough. Well, what I keep forgetting is that that somebody just about always ends up being me. Yeah, I just baked nine cookies and there are three left. And those three look mighty tempting. When will I ever learn?

PS: As I was logging into my Blogger account I saw that my last post was February 27th. And I was thinking "What? Today is March 1st, my last post was NOT that many days ago!" Um, February only has 28 days. Oh, right.

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