Sunday, February 20, 2005

Why does it always rain on me?

I had plans. Big plans. Plans that involved great pictures. Mountains and lakes and snow. But. These plans are worth nothing if the weather decides not to cooperate. And that is what it did. The entire time I was there, it snowed. And that means that there were clouds stuck in between all the mountains, making everything foggy and gray and bleak. And? Where did all the mountains go? I could swear that they were there last time I checked. So each day I hoped the sun would come out and give me a little photo opportunity. It wasn't meant to be. My cousin, Mely, makes fun of me, saying that I always seem to bring rain when I come to visit. And, how could it be any different, the day I left we had beautiful blue skies, the sun was reflecting in the snow, it was great. Except that there was no more time for pictures. So, after a long introduction, behold some of my weekend pictures. All of them taken through the dirty windows of the train.

You can even see my camera reflected in the window in this one.

I took this one once I was already close to Vienna. It was just the most beautiful sunset.

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