Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Hello Summer

Yesterday, I had my last exam in Salzburg. Now I only have to finish up two papers and then I am home free for Summer Extravaganza 2007. From Salzburg, I headed straight to my boyfriend's parents' house out in the country, in order to spend some time with him before I head off to camp on Friday. While he was at his internship this morning, I sat outside in the garden in order to work on my papers. Tell me, can you think of a better place to work than this? The table you see to the left of the first picture is where I was sitting. The other pictures are my view from there. I've got one paper finished and the other one is getting there. Then there will be nothing between me and glorious summer days: four weeks at camp, four weeks in the U.S. and three weeks of miscellanious plans in September. You won't hear me complaining.

PS: Final Salzburg pictures coming soon to a blog near you...

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radiogirl said...

Yes, I'm jealous. WOW.

Congratulations on finishing your papers. Have a wonderful summer!

Where will you be in the U.S.?