Sunday, July 01, 2007

Just A Ride

Salzburg is the prefect city for bikers. In fact, I think you are definitely not at an advantage if you are in a car. There are beautiful bike paths that take you everywhere you need to go, you do not have to worry about parking, high gas prices or detours due to construction. So here is the bike route I take to class each day.

On my way there....

There is a bike path both to the left and the right of the river Salzach.

And on my way home (free for the day!)...


Britt-Arnhild said...


Good luck with your exams.

Merisi said...

I love how the way you caught that person crossing the street at exactly the "right" point. Need to go to Salzburg one of those days.
Good luck for your exam!

Catharina said...

Thank you both for your good luck wishes, I think they helped!

Also, I didn't even notice that the person was perfectly in the middle of the bridge. In fact, I snapped that picture while I was riding by on my bike! Lucky timing!

Merisi said...

So you are "drive by snapping"?