Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving - Part 1

I wish I had better Thanksgiving pictures to show you, but I was too busy cooking until the very last second (damn stuffing just wouldn't do as it was told) and then I was busy, well, eating. I just realized that I don't have a single picture of my desserts (must be on my roommates's camera), so you will have to make do with the main course :)

Fall decorations on the inside,
snow on the outside.

And I am finally done!
From left to right:
Sweet potato wedges, cranberry sauce, turkey, peas, corn, mashed potatos.
Missing: Stuffing that was in the oven until the very last second.

Oh yeah, and there was gravy.

Decorations curtesy of my crafty roommates.
Mismatched plates curtesy of student life.

In the end, everyone was happy.

Well, except for this guy.

Happy Thanksgiving!

PS: Ella, we missed you!


Ann (MobayDP) said...

Happy Thanksgiving Catharina! I'm sure teh meal was delicious! Those winter pictures are amazing! :)

Merisi said...

You are such a great cook!
At your age, I hadn't even figured out yet how to turn on the gas oven!

That is for sure the prettiest turkey carcass I have ever seen!
I need your sweet potato wedges recipe, pleeease. Swept through Naschmarkt at closing time last night, got my cranberries (four bags Ocean Spray for 15 Euros, got 1 Euro discount once again, what a bargain, considering that Magruder's is selling them for 99 Dollar cents *grin*) and haggled about the price of sweet potatoes until they parted with 3 kilos for 7 Euros. That's 10 Euros less then I paid in November 2005 for the first Thanksgiving here. *chuckle*

Catharina said...

Thank you, Ann!

Merisi, thanks for the Cranberries!!! It wouldn't have been Thanksgiving without them.

Prudencio Hurtado said...

That was really splendid! Just by looking at the photos I know the food was tasteful. In my particular case, my wife and I invite around 40 of our relatives. She bakes one turkey. I'm in charge of the second poor guy!!!! I prepared a turkey fricassee, with grape wine, grape juice, no water, etc. That's a really nice recipe. My wife usually prepares around seven different desserts.

When the family meet, it is really a very special holiday!!!