Thursday, November 15, 2007

This Week's Randomness

It's been a very unproductive week when it comes to taking pictures. I took a snapshot here and there, but none of the pictures really stood out to me. Plus, I've been inside a lot, getting work done (although not as much as I'd like) and just trust me when I say that pictures of my computer screen would be too boring. I woke up to a snow-covered Salzburg this morning, something I've been expecting since the flakes have been falling all week, but not sticking. I wish I could leave you with some pictures of a beautifully snowed-in Salzburg, but I will not be getting a chance to head into the city today and am leaving for Vienna tonight after my last class ends at seven. So I leave you with my random assortment of snapshots from this week in Salzburg. Then you can decide if that's better than no post at all.

Cafe Cappu Vino
Where I spent the afternoon
studying and drinking coffee.

Around the corner from

Cappu Vino

(I wish I could tell you what this is)


Someone's got their seasons mixed up

Well, at least here they've combined seasons

A view of the river Salzbach

Looking at a small part of Salzburg's old town from the bridge

with the museum on the Mönchsberg in the background

Trying to capture the snow on the hills

but cars kept getting in the way

(and I have no idea why it is so blue)


A quaint little shopping street

And today:

Some very uninspired pictures

through the dirty windows of the university.

Don't ask me what is wrong with the spacing between lines,

I have no idea.


Merisi said...

I vote yes! An emphatic yes. .-)
I like the photos of the campus very much, especially the two last ones, both very skillfully play with space and form, quite poetic actually (I am sure Billy Collins would take to his Underwood immediately, to fill that that poetic emptiness).
Linzer Gasse:
I used to go there with my grandparents, they'd buy fresh Salzstangerl with Leberkäse, still warm from the oven (that was in the time before every butcher in the country got that electric heater which keeps it warm in perpetuity - a sacrilegious act that should be punishable by at least 5 lashes with a broom). The butcher knew to pack that Stangerl up just so we could transport it across the street to the Braugasthof, where they got beer and I was allowed to order a raspberry soda.

Tori said...

I love the color contrast of your last photo...gray sky, yellow building and white snow. Very striking pic!

Catharina said...

Thanks to both of you! I have to admit, that last picture has grown on me, too :)