Monday, December 10, 2007

The Best Kind of Market

An absolute favorite at Christmas time:
Austrian Christmas Markets
or: "Christkindlmarkt"

If you're lucky,
you'll already discover
Christmas Fairies
on your way there.

Once you arrive,
you'll definitely need a basket
to fill with goodies.
(Tip: Take the big one.)

Ornaments, toys, gingerbread
await in every direction.

For more on the
non-edible version of this guy
(the Krampus)
click here,
if you dare.

She can't even decide,
which tasty treat
to recommend.
Heaven knows
there is enough
to go around.

Christmas treats
for everyone!

How about
a spot of tea
or Viennese coffee?

Oh, alright.
Some real tea then?

Now here's something
everyone can agree on:
Adorable Christmas chocolates.

All treats sighted at the
traditional Viennese Christkindlmarkt
on the Freyung.


Merisi said...

The "angel" lights are so cute! Or are these Italian Christmas witches, befane?
I love those gingerbread cookies with the cups and teapots painted on them. Will have to check with my little helper back home if she couldn't use my cookies as canvas!

radiogirl said...

Between you and Merisi, I think I've gained 10 marvelous pounds in the last few minutes of reading posts.

Some of my very best memories are of Christmas markets in Prague and Germany. A shame we have nothing like that here. Maybe I shall have to start the tradition :)