Monday, December 10, 2007


A walk through
Vienna's first district
has suddenly become
much more illuminated:


Am Graben

A blurry
(and purple)
St. Stephan's Cathedral

Is this Chinatown?
Or a Coca-Cola commercial?
No, it's Rotenthurmstraße!

Kärntner Straße

There's no need to be afraid of the dark anymore.


Merisi said...

I love the purple St. Stephan's Cathedral! The Rotenturm Street really hit it the Big Red this year. *grin* Imagine, I haven't walked down there yet (must be about 200 yards off my usual trail through the downtown lights *tough*).
Will met CK on Saturday,
we want to "do" Servitenstrasse. Just in case you ... ;-)

Catharina said...

I can't believe you missed Rotenturmstraße! Those things are HUGE!!! We were about to go home when we spied those lights and were lured in by their "glow" (understatement of the century).

Merisi said...

I did see and photograph them, from Stock-im-Eisenplatz. *teehee*
Was simply too tired to walk another loop. So many lights, so little time, Christmas time here's killing me, always on my feet. :-)