Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas Medley

Salzburg Christmas Images

Secret Christmas market
in a small courtyard

This little white dog
can always be counted on
when wandering through Goldgasse.
(A street that I've not done justice
with this picture.)

Cafe Tomaselli in the Christmas spirit.

Various versions of
St. Nikolas and the Krampus

Christkindsmarkt on the Residenzplatz
on a rainy day
(of which we've had many).

And my favorite stand
at this very market.

Christmas ornaments
Easter (?) eggs.

Don't hurry home too quickly.
There's still lots to see!

Considering I spent many hours wandering through the streets of
Salzburg's old town during this Christmas season,
I can't believe I don't have better pictures to show you!
Sure, they're ok,
but trust me when I say that these places are so much more magical in reality.
Either I will try to still get out into the city one more time tomorrow morning,
or you'll have to wait until next year.
Because: Tomorrow is the beginning of my Christmas vacation!
Three weeks of Vienna, here I come.

1 comment:

Merisi said...

These !are! wonderful pictures, full of the magic of Salzburg at Christmas time. My most vivid childhood memory of Christmas time in Salzburg is about entering one the then still abundant small stores along Getreidegasse. All was peaceful, quiet and calm, the chime of the door bell broke the stillness for a moment, and the greenery wreath exuded that distinct balsam fir scent, while outside the snow kept slowly falling. It seems as if you always entered at dusk, and when you left, night had fallen and the little white lights from the real live Christmas trees glittered in the snow. Magic!