Saturday, June 14, 2008

Euro 2008: Thursday in Salzburg

Thursday evening I decided to finally
venture into Salzburg's Fan Zone.

It really wasn't hard to find,
just follow the flags.

Could it be that Austria was playing that night?

The youngest fans
found the ideal spot
and were ready to go.

The red-white Euro mascots
were omnipresent.

Croatia and Germany are up first.

Salzburg's Cathedral
looked on,

and Croatia's fans
held their breath,

As Croatia beat Germany

And this German fan wondered
"Should I switch sides?"

By now Austria's fans were getting ready.
Just one last Melange
at Cafe Tomaselli.

Everyone's caught the soccer fever,
even this street cleaner.

Austria needs all the help it can get.

And the fans didn't disappoint.

Many were there to watch,
as Austria tied with Poland
in the 93rd minute.

And to us Austrians,
a tie is just as good as winning.

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