Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Arthur's Seat

Welcome back, says the worst blogger in the world. Here are some pictures of our hike up Arthur's Seat, which is right next to Edinburgh and offers amazing views of the city.

Here you can see Carlton Hill,
which I mentioned in my last post.

The large building on the right is 
Holyrood House,
right across from it is the Parliament.

Enjoying the view.

We've reached the top!

Afterwards, we treated ourselves to 
a perfect cup of coffee, some tea and brownies.


Maalie said...

Wow! What lovely pictures of Scotland (I have looked right down to the bottom post). I live just across the border in the English Lake District. If I had known you were there I would have invited you both for a Full English breakfast, same as I gave your brother :-)

I think the park you mention might be Prince's Street Park - I recognise the building behind it.

Catharina said...

Maalie: Thanks! Wow, that breakfast looks amazing! Too bad we missed out on that treat. We loved it so much in Scotland and England, I am sure we will be back!And you're right, it is Prince's Street Park :-)