Sunday, December 21, 2008

Enchanted Evening at Christmastime

An evening walk through
at Karlsplatz:
So much to eat, drink, discover and take pictures of!

The best crepes in town,
or so I hear.

Mulled wine, punch, Glühmost -
what on earth is that in English?
Oh, and it's homemade -
by Franz.

Heaven Tent
It looks heavenly, doesn't it?

The wish fish.
Where kids can leave their wishes.

Wish fish utensils.

Kids being kids.

Trying on felt hats,
while being watched by a felt fish.
A friend of the wish fish?

The perfect setting -
for a cup of punch.

Warm lighting.

but adorable, 
bottle toppers.

Christmas Krapfen,
great-tasting pastries.

Cozy sock display,
or tons of stockings for Santa to stuff?

Delicious-looking soaps.

Have you ever seen a floppy disk notebook?

Christmas mugs waiting to be filled
with hot and tasty drinks.

Pretty soaps in pretty jars.

The cutest hot water bottles
you have ever seen.
Covered in felt!

Nuts about nuts.

The Polar Express,
whizzing by in a hurry.

Pony rides under an enchanted tree.

And a good night kiss.


paintandink said...

Such lovely photos! I think Christmas markets and Glühwein are the two things I miss the MOST about living in Europe, and I think about them even in the middle of summer. I suppose I could try making Glühwein, but it just wouldn't be the same.

Barbara Martin said...

Wonderful photos of the Christmas markets. Merisi sent me over. I'm coming back later.

CozyMama said...

thank you for the comment. lovely lamps, so COZY! and the socks, gotta love fun socks. MERRY CHRISTMAS

Catharina said...

paintandink: Where in Europe did you live? I would definitely miss the markets and Glühwein as well!!

Barbara Martin: Thank you! Come back soon. :-)

CozyMama: You're welcome!