Saturday, December 20, 2008


What do you do on a rainy saturday?


this too will pass said...

compliments of the season

CozyMama said...

yummy - found you by way of Merisi. HAPPY HOLIDAYS

Merisi said...

Oh, yummy!
Did you make a Guglhupf with chocolate chips?

I was brave enough to venture outside, a long stroll actually, with Veronika. So many revellers out there drinking punch, I felt almost tipsy from the vapors! I have never been to a city where half the populations is outdoors in any weather! ;-)

Maalie said...

Ah so that is how a guglhupf is made!

I bet you will enjoy eating thst, it looks so tempting :-)

Barbara said...

Hello.. I found your blog off a friends page. How exciting to be able to do all that traveling and be able to capture those screens. I too love photography so enjoyed all your entries. Thanks for sharing. Smiles B

Catharina said...

this too shall pass: Thank you! Happy Holidays!

CozyMama: Thanks for stopping by!

Merisi: It was actually applesauce chocolate chip cake (with pepper!). The recipe is here: It was very good!

Maalie: Yes, this is how you make Guglhupf. It's easy as pie. Actually, it's much easier than pie!

Barbara: So glad you said hello! :-)