Thursday, October 20, 2011

Berlin Is Waiting

I am off to Berlin today!

A reunion with my
best friends from high school awaits,
lucky me.

In the meantime,


will be a few days late next week,
I hope you won't mind
a Thursday or Friday in Paris instead.

Have a lovely weekend!


CMM05 said...

I just recently signed back in to my old blog and thus realized that you are the only one of us from back in '05 who has managed to keep hers going. I absolutely love everything I've seen so far, and your blog is serving to bring beauty and to add a bit of "Parisien" flair to my daily perspectives!
Mon ami, merci de toutes les bonnes choses!

Anonymous said...

Just can't wait !!!

Anonymous said...

Berlin is no more waiting, I guess....
I am !!!